The parking app for boats

Avalon provide fast, customer friendly smartphone payments for your harbour, marina or waterway.

  • Visitor moorings
  • Slipway launching
  • Harbour Dues
  • Permits

– Increase revenue

– Reduce administration

– Deliver a great customer experience


What we do

Avalon Pay provides a state of the art customer system to automate payments in harbours. Relieving staff of processing payments and making monitoring easy. 

Visitor Mooring Payments

Skippers can register their vessel and make payment for mooring buoys or pontoons upon arrival, from their boat, without having to download an app.

Slipway Launching

Slipways are often out of sight of the main office and visitors are preoccupied when launching their boat. We make it easy to pay and monitor, increasing compliance rates.

Avalon harbour payments
We make it smart so you don’t have to
  • Full back office reporting suit for detailed analysis & improvements.
  • Customer data collected compliantly to enable customer engagement and optimise service & revenues.
  • Bespoke registration fields let us capture the information you want & need.
  • Intelligent use of data and up-selling opportunities

Sound Familiar?

Do your office and reception staff spend long periods of time taking manual payments, manually recording vessel details and logging information.

Do you rely on trust and verbal descriptions to calculate fee charges?

Are many of your charging locations out of sight and payment is out of the mind of skippers?

Are your slipways regularly full and busy but payments don’t stack up?

Are patrol officers constantly on the lookout for unpaid boats, spending long periods of time identifying non payers and relying on descriptions provided by skippers.

Would you like to resolve all these issues with a simple and easy to use system that will help you increase revenues, reduce workload and improvement your decision making processes?

What we do & why…

The problem

  • The existing process for skippers to pay for harbour services is often time consuming and manual. This reduces compliance rates but also impacts behaviours with a consequent negative effect on harbour revenues.
  • The process for harbour staff to take manual payment either by phone or at reception/harbour office is onerous and time consuming.
  • Harbour monitoring by patrols is based on descriptions provided by the skipper. It is inaccurate and takes longer than necessary.
  • Avalon Pay makes payment seamless for skippers and gives harbour managers complete transparency on payments in real time.

How Avalon makes your moorings and slipways smart:


Case Study: Cowes Harbour Commission

Case Study

Cowes Harbour x Avalon

“After successful trials we have rolled out to Trinity Landing and have received very encouraging feedback from visitors that this saves time when berthing and is very simple to use. Avalon have been very responsive and easy to work with and I’d like to thank them for creating a clean process that helps us deliver great customer service in the Harbour”

Gary Hall, CEO, Cowes Harbour Commission

Cowes Harbour partnered with Avalon to automate payments for the short stay visitor moorings at Town Quay & Trinity Landing.

Visiting skippers simply scan the QR code on arrival, enter their vessel details and pay using Apple or Google Pay or a credit/debit card. There’s no need to download an app or register.

Regular visitors save even more time as their details are pre-populated.

The Berthing Master and Harbour Patrols can instantly see the payment details along with a photo of the boat, which makes it simple to identify any vessels which have not paid so that action can be taken.

How it works:

1) Signage

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Avalon installs clear signage with large QR codes which can easily be scanned from a boat.

2) Scan & Pay

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Scan & Pay

Customer takes a photo of their boat and inputs boat details.  Payment is made via Apple or Google Pay or credit/debit card.

3) Payment Info

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Payment Info

Details of the payment are instantly sent to the Patrol Portal to identify which boats have paid.

4) Reporting Data

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Reporting Data

Detailed reporting and data analysis allows revenue optimisation.



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