Visitor Mooring Payments

Avalon provides a self service payment system for visiting skippers to register their vessels and make payment on their smartphone.

– Quick & Simple

– QR code allows payment to be made within 60 seconds

– Maximise payment rates & deliver a first-class customer experience

We make it smart so you don’t have to

Skippers are often preoccupied and distracted when visiting a new harbour or marina, so a seamless and easy to use payment system is essential for maximising payment rates and ensuring an enjoyable experience.

The harbour master’s / marina manager’s back office shows live and detailed information on which vessels are paying, where and for how long, including an overview image of the vessel.

How it works

Avalon Pay allows the payment process to be streamlined and automated.

Skippers self register and make payment any time of the day without staff involvement.

At the same time, the office would receive full and live details of mooring payments being made and expiry times:

  • Arriving skippers are presented with large and clear signage that payment is required.
  • Skippers scan the QR code from their vessel and enter their boat details.
  • The payment tariff is calculated based on location, vessel type and details. Skippers take a photo of their boat.
  • Payment is made by Apple/Google Pay or card.
  • Harbour office and patrols receive live information on vessels that have made payment with a cover image of the vessel.

There is no need for the skipper to download an app, register their personal information or authenticate their card details. The process takes less than 60 seconds and for returning vessels it can take less than 20 seconds.

We are able to add collection fields such as newsletter signup and alerts for additional data collection and upselling to further maximise revenues and interaction with your customers.

How Avalon makes your moorings and slipways smart:

How it works:

1) Signage

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Avalon installs clear signage with large QR codes which can easily be scanned from a boat.

2) Scan & Pay

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Scan & Pay

Customer takes a photo of their boat and inputs boat details.  Payment is made via Apple or Google Pay or credit/debit card.

3) Payment Info

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Payment Info

Details of the payment are instantly sent to the Patrol Portal to identify which boats have paid.

4) Reporting Data

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Reporting Data

Detailed reporting and data analysis allows revenue optimisation.



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